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About Space Pirate Advertising, L.L.C.

RachelRachel Keats has been doing interviews meetings and consulting with various clients in minority fields for many years and is one of the few individuals capable of crossing multiple boundaries. Linking social networks such as a wide range of earthen religious groups, gamers, venders, youth and GLBT (gay lesbian bisexual transgender) pride groups as well as the much needed internet social underground. Tech based skills such as managing a twitter account or a facebook are invaluable these days and not having the time to update your blog with your current products or services for your online costumers can make your business suffer. Willing to connect your message with those in a different medium will increase your profit margin by reaching those hard to reach target audiences that most consumers dream of.

Specializing in diverse communities and small business able to meet the custom advertising needs of a wide range of individuals with hands on tools and assistance. From transversing tailored videos, choreography, light and sound, gorilla advertising reaches a base level which requires hard work and dedication and creativity that must advertising firms simply cannot muster or lack the personality or heart to acquire.

Do not regret not obtaining the hands on service that only S.P. advertising can provide.

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