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What we do and what we can do for you.

Often times at S.P advertising we are looking to meet interesting people and interview them. Perhaps even do a small promotional commercial that benefits us as well as you. We like to present diverse unedited opinions and views so that you and the rest of our viewers can see and hear a message and report on news in a unbiased way unlike any other source. This is often free of charge.

How about you want a specific number of people to show up to an event, or you would like to use our special skills to film an event bring our set designs in on the works? Depending on your needs and your budget we can work from big to small. We can do product promotion or even communication services. We are very interested in who you are. These specific ideas can be custom ordered to fit your frame of mind consultations are harmless and worry free.

Once a package is selected we will send a contract out to you via email or in person and we will have you select the correct amount from the paypal amount section. After that our furious team of monkeys will be hard at work ensuring your wants and needs.

types of service
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